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PomodoroApp - the simplest OSX app for your pomodoro timing sessions

PomodoroApp is the simplest OSX app to let you to have one click toggle between count down timing sessions. The timer will enter debit mode and continues to count after a session ends.

The Story

It started since I know about Pomodoro technique. There's bunch of timer and pomodoro apps on iOS AppStore - iTomato is one of my favourite. However, in practice it wasn't ideal to have my phone dedicated as a timer while I am doing iOS development. I went through the "pomodoro" list on Mac AppStore, trying from free ones to the paid ones, there just isn't a single simple enough tool that worked for me. That's how I decided to start my own implementation.

Since this is a one-day pet project for an iOS developer, I didn't manage to do a brand new icon for it. This is where I got the widely used icon from, if you're the author of this design please contact me for attributions. Any voluteers who might be interested to signup for this icon design would be very much appreciated, I'll be very happy to put credits here as well as in the app's about page.


If you like this app, please follow @pomodoroapp and help spread this project!